Age Group | 年齡 4 - 7


4-7 year olds

Children in this age group are more likely to lean on and focus on their parents, especially on their mothers.  They long for and love a happy family.  They also admire their parents.  6-7 year olds begin to understand and appreciate that their parents love them and care for them day in, day out. 

Age Group 4 7 1 

Age Group 年齡 8 - 13 


8-13 year olds
Children between ages 8-13 know to love their parents; they are especially grateful for their parents' material and emotional support.  
They yearn for time spent with their parents and are assured of their parents' love.  A harmonious family is important to them so parental discord terrifies them.  At the same time, awareness of their feelings and needs begins to form.  Their focus pivots from the parents to themselves and as such, they start to express their views and make requests.  They also treasure their personal space.  They expect their parents to understand their inner feelings and hope to be empathized and accepted.

 Age Group 8 13 3

Age Group | 年齡 14 - 20 


14 year olds and above
Children at this stage cherish their feelings and autonomy.  They expect their parents to open up and listen.  They have developed individual thinking and wish for their parents to take interest and to understand.  Even though many people feel that teens are rebellious for the most part, their letters reveal connections to their parents.  Deep down, they love their parents very much and hope to repay their parents some days.

 Age Group 14 20 11